SPG-SS type sectionalizer is 3 phase, SF6 gas insulated sectionalizer for overhead lines operating at a voltage up to 38kV. It has been designed to meet the demand for oil-less and maintenance free operation, with SF6 gas, related parts and devices installed inside of the hermetically sealed stainless steel tank.

This type sectionalizer can be also used also as a load break switch combined with the switch controls.

SPG-SS Type sectionalizer has been certified in accordance with IEC 60694 (1996), IEC 60265 (1998) and ANSI C37.63 (1984) to meet and exceed customer specifications.

Outstanding Features

SCADA-mate Configuration: 3 Current Transformers and 6 Resistive Voltage Sensors are integrated inside of the tank. So extra cost to attach the CT and Voltage Sensor is not necessary.

World First Resistive Voltage Sensors with an accuracy of бн 0.5%, while traditional capacitive sensor has бн 3% accuracy.

SF6 Gas Insulation and Interruption Media is enclosed in stainless steel tank sealed for life and maintenance free with less than 0.2% leakage rate per year, showing normal insulation and interruption performance even at an atmospheric gas pressure

Unique and Field Proven Puffer and Heavy duty Tulip-Shaped Contacts made of arc resistant Cu-W tip ensures short arc-extinguishing time of less than 0.5 cycles and more than 400 times load current capacity

There is no plastic material between open contacts, so SF6 gas makes no deterioration combined with arc and leakage current in the tank.

Insulation Coordination enables outside flash over first. The outside flash over voltage is the least, the inside flash over voltage is next to it, and the puncture voltage of the bushings is the most among them.

The mechanism of very simple and reliable structure shows quick open and quick close operation with low tripping energy and is independent from operator's handling power or speed.

Safety Bursting Membrane releases overpressure gas safely from the enclosed tank at a pressure of 4-6kgf/cm2G.

You can easily check the on/off position of the main contacts by ON/OFF Position Indicator directly connected with the main shaft from the ground level

Electrical Characteristics

Description SPG-SS-15 SPG-SS-27 SPG-SS-38
  Rated Maximum Voltage 15.5 kV 27 kV 38 kV
  Rated Continuous Current 400 (630) A 400 (630) A 400 (630) A
  Number of Phases 3 3 3
  Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (BIL) 125 kV 150 kV 195 kV
  Rated Fault Making Current (peak) 52 kAp 32.5 kAp 32.5 kAp
  Rated Short Time Withstand Current (rms) 20 kA (4sec) 12.5 kA (1sec) 12.5 kA (1sec)
  Cable Charging Current 20 A 20 A 20 A
  Transformer Magnetizing Current 14 A (21 A) 14 A (21 A) 14 A (21 A)
  Line Charging Current 2 A 2 A 2 A
  Power Frequency Withstand Voltage( dry-1 min / wet-10sec ) 50 kV/45kV 60 kV/ 50kV 80 kV / 70 kV
  Electrical Operations 400 times 400 times 400 times
   Mechanical Operations 5,000 times 5,000 times 5,000 times
  Weight without Mounting Frame 180 Kg 200 Kg 250 Kg

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